Margie Bryant, Wellness and Lifestyle Consultant


I am a wellness and lifestyle consultant who is passionate about helping others to help themselves so that they can pursue a life of health and financial freedom. I take a multidisciplinary approach to wellness and health. This allows me to create opportunities for myself and others to flourish in body, mind and spirit.

After graduating, I enjoyed a successful career as a public relations consultant in an office environment. Over time, the daily commute in traffic and long hours in the office environment convinced me that there must be a healthier way to live. During this time, I came to understand the power and freedom of running my own residual income business. No boss. No employees. No set hours. No fixed workplace. The time flexibility to run a business from home or anywhere I travelled. I started my business part-time, and when the time was right went full-time, and never looked back.

In today’s economic environment, I believe it is smart as well as essential to establish multiple sources of income. I look forward to helping you so that you can decide on the things you want to do, and your priorities, and design your life.

Meanwhile, I invite you to subscribe to my blogs and download a copy of my latest E-Book 7 Secret Ingredients to Losing Weight and Looking Younger.

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