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Wellness & Lifestyle Consultant  2

Margie Bryant is passionate about wellness; body, mind and spirit. Margie teaches people how to earn extra income from home - or anywhere - and empowers people to help themselves to design the life of their desires and to do what is in their hearts to do.

Are you living by Choice or by Chance?

Are you passively hoping your health, happiness or life itself will turn out or are you actively engaged in pursuing your goals?

If you are looking for clues to a Healthier way of Life?  I invite you to subscribe to my blogs and download a copy of my latest E-Book 7 Secret Ingredients to Losing Weight and Looking Younger.


Margie Bryant, Wellness and Lifestyle Consultant


I am a wellness and lifestyle consultant who is passionate about helping others to help themselves so that they can pursue a life of health and financial freedom. I take a multidisciplinary approach to wellness and health. This allows me to create opportunities for myself and others to flourish in body, mind and spirit.

After graduating, I enjoyed a successful career as a public relations consultant in an office environment. Over time, the daily commute in traffic and long hours in the

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Making a commitment to healthy eating is a great start towards healthier life


Beyond eating more fruits, vegetables, and good fats, however, there is the question of what type of food to eat.
How foods are grown or raised can impact both your health and the environment. This brings up the questions: What is the difference between organic foods and conventionally grown foods? Is “organic” best? What about locally-grown foods?
What does “organic” mean?

The term “organic” refers to the way agricultural products are grown and

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