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The Bliss Mama Club is a place to enjoy and share delicious and nourishing, banquet of morsels created to delight the senses and inspire conversation. Tess, the founder of The Bliss Mama Club is passionately believe the state of Wellness is intimately linked to what we eat. The usual reaction to participating in a High Tea is that it is a 'treat' as the foods are based on highly refined sugar and flour and do not provide any useful nourishment for the body.

This is about to change as The Bliss Mama Club bases its menu on seasonal, organic and locally grown produce (wherever possible) to create a wholesome food for our High Teas. Beverages include a selection of green, red, fruit, floral and herbal teas selected and blended specially for The Well Retreat's use.

Participating at The Bliss Mama Club is an educational and sensorial experience, inspiring each guest to learn more about their own Wellness so it becomes a part of everyday life.

High Tea Party Menu coming soon!

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