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Tess Librando,  Founder of Blissmama

Tess Librando
Founder and Philanthropist
Blissmama, Australia
The Well Retreat, Australia

Bliss Mama was founded in 2010 by Tess Librando after an extensive research on womens issues and needs.

Bliss Mama is a place for mothers and women of all ages to meet and share ideas, experiences and friendship. To offer support for one another. To share our hopes and dreams and help one another find ways to make motherhood and family life the happy, fulfilling experience it should truly be.

It provides a free gathering place for pregnant and nursing mothers, women of all ages and their families, where they can get together and enjoy a conversation about topics that matter to them, like breastfeeding, baby and child care, mothers' and family issues or purely for social gatherings

Bliss Mama is about people. It is a resource hub offering guidance, sound advice and mutual support in areas like health and wellness, diet, fitness, meditation, relaxation, coping with stress and seeking fulfillment in life.

We know that being a mother, a family member, a worker or a business person is not easy. We've all encountered the challenges, and we are here for one another, to share our secrets of how to cope, how to succeed when the going gets tough. We're friends to confide it, a shoulder to lean on, a source of feminine wisdom, resilience and sympathy when you need it – or when you want to share it with others.

Bliss Mama is all about you celebrating your life!

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