The Age of Women: why the world needs one

‘The growing influence of women is the one reassuring thing in our political life’ – Oscar Wilde


If women led the world, it would probably be vastly less toxic, far less prone to climate change, hunger, war and environmental devastation. Far less at risk from its own ‘success’.

I was drawn to this reflection by the research I did for Poisoned Planet[i], in which it became evident that the 150 billion tonnes of chemical substances emitted annually by human activity (our greatest impact of all upon the planet) are almost exclusively the handiwork of men – not women. This is not to say that women don’t benefit from these activities or even, often, approve them. But they rarely drive them

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Giving birth to new insights into brain development and disease

new insights into brain development and disease

Thibault Renoir and Anthony Hannan

Each one of us is the complex product of nature and nurture, genes and environment. They combine in a myriad of complex ways during embryonic and postnatal development to sculpt our brains and bodies.

Genetic and environmental factors also mediate and modulate our disposition for a range of different brain and mind disorders, both neurological diseases and psychiatric illnesses.

A new study by Tomohisa Toda and colleagues, published in Developmental Cell

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Understanding women's chronic pain

Understanding womens chronic pain

New research from the University of Adelaide has found that chronic pain in women is more complex and harder to treat than chronic pain in men.

The work, to be presented tomorrow at the Faculty of Pain Medicine spring meeting in Byron Bay, organised by the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA), suggest that men and women should be prescribed medications and treated for pain differently according to their gender.

Study leader Dr Mark Hutchinson from the University's

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Older women unhappy with spouse

Older women unhappy with spouse

Having a husband in old age doesn’t necessarily make a woman happy, research from Flinders University reveals.

The study, which has just been published online in the international journal Developmental Psychology, measured the effect of different types of social interactions on the day to day happiness of 74 Adelaide men and women over the age of 85.

As part of the survey, participants recorded their emotions in the presence of various social partners – including their spouse

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The ultimate iron chef - when 3D printers invade the kitchen

The ultimate iron chef

Robert Gorkin & Susan Dodds

Printing food seems more like an idea based in Star Trek rather than in the average home. But recent advances in 3D printing (known formally as additive manufacturing) are driving the concept closer to reality. With everything from printed metal airplane wings to replacement organs on the horizon, could printed food be next? And how will we feel when it’s served at the table?

From sundaes to space food

In some ways we have “printed” food

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